2021 Membership 

Our membership year runs from 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021. 

Membership Fees:

£27.50 for non-competing members  

£32.50 for those wishing to compete at Area qualifiers

If you join as a non-competing member and then decide you would like to have a go at an Area qualifier you can simply top up your membership by paying the additional £5.

This year, British Riding Clubs have given the club a discount on affiliation fees due to the Covid restrictions.  We would like to use this discount to offer all new and rejoining members a £5.00 voucher towards a clinic with one of our trainers, which will start up again as soon as we are allowed. Please let the clinic organiser know if you would like to use your voucher when booking your clinic.

How to Join:

Please email our Membership secretary Jo Thornton ( with the following information: your name, address, mobile and phone numbers, as well as the email address you wish to be used for riding club communications.


Online: Please pay the appropriate membership fee by BACS to the club's account: VWH Riding Club, sort code 30-92-06, account number 00028639. Please use the reference "Membership".

Cheque: Please make cheques payable to 'VWH Riding Club' and send to Mrs Fiona Russell-Brown, Kenarah House, 2 Churn Hill, North Cerney, Cirencester, Glos. Please write "Membership" on the back of the cheque.

Please let Jo Thornton know when you have made your payment.

Terms & Conditions of Entry:

As a club when we enter Area qualifier events there are two sets of entries. Prelim entries are payable direct to BRC and then club entries are payable to the competition organiser.

As a member of VWH RC all the entry fees charged to you are subsidised by the club to help keep events affordable (generally by the club paying the prelim entry fees).

However, once prelim entries are made we are liable for the whole cost of entry even if no-one fills the space. Unfortunately for RC, vet and doctor’s certificates do not get any return of entry fees.

As a consequence the following terms of entry have been discussed and agreed by the VWH committee:

  • Once you commit to a team manager that you wish to enter a competition you must ensure your entry reaches the team manager (by cheque in the post) or the club account (VWH Riding Club, sort code: 30-92-06, account number: 00028639) by the close of prelim entries (24 days prior to the competition). Only once payment is received will your entry be processed.

  • If the member cancels their entry outside of 24 days before the event, the member will receive a full refund.

  • If the member cancels their entry after the close of entries and their place can be filled with another member they will receive a refund and the replacement will cover the cost of the entry.

  • If the member cancels their entry after the close of prelim entries and their place cannot be filled they will not receive any refund.