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Competing for your Club

If you would like to have a go at competing for the club at an Area qualifier, details of upcoming competitions can be found below.

Please read the details for each competition, including level, eligibility of horse and rider, costs, venues and who to contact.
We are a friendly club and want to encourage all members to compete for us in a sociable yet competitive atmosphere with the intention of having fun.

We don't have team selection nor do you have to wait to be invited on to a team - if you want to have a go we would love to hear from you!

Usually there is a lovely picnic and often a glass of wine or G&T in the lorry park during the day!

To compete for our club at an Area Qualifier, you must be a fully paid-up member of our club, your horse's passport and vaccinations must be correct and up to date, and your entry fees have to have been received by the event team manager by the close of entry.  

More information on British Riding clubs, BRC health and safety, Flu Vacc record checking, downgrading your horse and the 2016 rule book can be found on our British Riding Clubs Page. VWH Entry terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page.

The Summer show jumping and dressage qualifiers are traditionally run for the National Championships at Lincoln in September.

This year see's the introduction of a Regional Championship to be held at Hartpury College on 20th August. Five South Western BRC Areas are coming together for this championship for which prelim entries to BRC are not required.

So when competing at the summer qualifiers you have two opportunities to qualify for championships :-)

Area 9 Summer Show Jumping Qualifier

Date: Sunday 19th June 2016

Venue: Leyland Court Equestrian Centre (On the new surface)

Teams of four members can enter any one of four classes and everybody get to jump two rounds (even if the first is a disaster) and any double clears go through to the jump off. Hence plenty of time for a good pic-nic.

Novice class: 1st round 80cm, 2nd round max 85cm - Horses can hold 1BE point but no BS Winnings.

Intermediate class: 1st round 95cm, 2nd round max 1m. Horses to hold a max £225 BS Winnings.

Open class: 1st round 1.1m, 2nd round 1.15m. Unlimited BS winnings.

Style Jumping: This is a one round competition of 7-9 fences to include a skinny and a double and you are judged like a dressage test on rhythm, style and position through-out.

Two team members ride a course at 75cm, these horses can't hold any BE points or have any BS winnings, they can be registered with BE but not have been placed 1st-6th in a BE90 or completed a BE100 in the current or previous calendar year.

Whilst two team members jump a course at 85cm, these horses can hold up to 10 BE points and have up to £225 BS winnings.

Team manager: Mariana Gaussen 07939583073 or email member@gaussen.freeserve.co.uk

Entry Fees: Style Jumping £13, Novice, Intermediate and Open £15  

Entries Close: 27th May 

Championship date: 20th August at Hartpury 

Horse Trials Area 9 Qualifier 

Date: 9th July 2016

Venue: West Wilts Equestrian Centre

This event is always popular with members. You can be part of a team or compete as an individual for the club and tackle any of four classes:

BRC 80 - (SJ &XC Max 80cm) Dressage test: BRC HT Q&C (2013)

Horses may be registered with BE but can't hold any BE points or have been placed 1st-6th at BE90 level and can't have completed a BE100 or above in the current or previous calendar year. Riders are not to have competed at BE100 or BRC100 level in the current or previous calendar year. .

BRC 90 - (SJ & XC Max 90cm) Dressage test: BRC HT90Q (2013)

Horses may be registered with BE but only hold a maximum of 1BE point, not to have been placed 1st-6th in any BE100 in the current or previous year. 

BRC 100 - (SJ &XC Max 1m) Dressage Test: BRC HT100Q (20013)

Horses can hold unto 20 BE points, but not have completed a BE Novice or above competition in the current or previous competition year.

BRC 100+. (Show Jumping max 1.1m and XC Max 1m but longer and more technical than BRC100) Dressage Test: BRC HT100+Q (2013)

Horses can hold an unlimited number of BE points. 

Entry Fees: £57.50 plus £8 start fee on the day 

Entries are payable by cheque 'VWH Riding Club' sent to Fiona Russell-Brown, Kenarah House, 2 Churn Hill, North Cerney, Cirencester or directly by BACS: VWH Riding Club, Sort code: 30-92-06 Account number: 00028639. Please let Pip know when and how you have paid.

Entries Close: Wednesday 15th June

Team manager: Pippa Taylor 07971249418 or email pippychick@hotmail.com

Badminton Dressage Championships

Thursday 14th July 

Riding Clubs Inter Team Competition 

Teams of three horses. All three scores to count. Highest placed combination in each team automatically qualifies for The Riding Club Individual Championship.

Prelim 13 (2006)

Entry Fee: £18 each.

Entries close: 25th June.

Please contact Pip if you want to be on a team 07971249418 or email pippychick@hotmail.com 

Area 9 Summer Dressage Qualifiers

Date: 17th July 2016

Venue: Rabson Manor, Wroughton

This competition has four classes:

Senior Prelim dressage - teams of four riders all doing Prelim 14 (2006) with the best three scores counting. Horses can hold no BD points.

Senior Riding test - ie, they judge your riding not what the horse is doing! Again teams of four with the best three scores counting. two members ride prelim and two ride novice.

Riding Test Prelim - BRC Prelim RT (2014) Horses holding upto 60 BD points

Riding Test Novice - BRC Novice RT (2014) Horses holding upto 124 BD points.

Senior Pairs dressage - find a friend, dress the same and choreograph your own test riding side by side! BRC Pairs 5 (2014) stipulates the moves to be included. Horses can hold upto 124 BD points.

Senior Open Dressage - teams of four riders, one rides Novice 24 (2010), one rides Novice 27 (2007), one rides Novice 28 (2009) and one rides Elementary 43 (2006). Horses can hold up to 124 BD points for the novice tests and up to 199 BD points for the elementary.

Senior Medium Dressage - Individuals. Medium 69 (2005)

Entry fees:

Entries Close:

Team manager: Jude Matthews judematthews@yahoo.co.uk or 07970976063


Winter Novice Championship 2016

Winter Novice Show Jumping

Date: 23rd October 2016

Venue: Hartpury

This is a team only competition, whereby four members form a team, each member jumping two rounds of show jumps. The first at 80cm and the second at 85cm with the best three scores from each round forming the team result. All teams on double clears will then 'jump off' if necessary.

To be eligible to compete your horse can't have any BS winnings and only 1BE point. It can be registered with BE but not have been 1st-6th at BE100 in the current or previous season.

Your horses flu vaccination record and passport must also be up to date and correct.



Winter Intermediate Show Jumping

Date: 23rd October 2016

Venue: Hartpury

Teams of four riders all compete in two rounds of show jumping. First round at 95cm and the second round at 1m and the best four scores from each round count.

Eligibility: Horses can hold up to 20 BE points and have won up to 225points at BS. Your horse can't have competed in the winter Novice show jumping or the Open Show Jumping championships in the same competition year.

Winter Intermediate Dressage

Date: 28th February 2016

Venue: Leyland Court Equestrian Centre, Bristol

A team competition whereby four members form a team, with each member riding one of the following tests: Prelim BRC D3 (2014), Novice BRC D10 (2014), Novice 30 (2006) and Elementary 44(2002)

We can also enter one individual per test.

NEW: Individual Medium Competition - M63 (2002) 

Eligibility: Prelim test - no BD points, Novice tests - up to 124 BD points, and for Elementary up to 199 BD points.

Results: Sadly our team just missed out of a placing however lots of individual rosettes. A Win for Patricia Haskins in the Medium, 2nd For Jude Matthews and 4th for Mariana Gaussen in the Novice 30 and 6th for Sarah McMurray in the Novice D10. Brilliant!


Championships: 4/5th June Aston Le Walls 

FOH Eventers Challenge Qualifier

Mendip Plains Equestrian Centre, The Cart House, Chewton Field Farm, Stoneaston, Radstock, BA3 4BX

Date: Sunday 15th October 2016

This competition involves teams and / or individual competitors competing over 7-9 show jumps immediately followed by approximately 10-19 cross country fences.

The competitors dress for cross country to compete. The show jumping is timed and the XC has an optimum time with no window.

The 90 Challenge: Show Jumps max 85cm and XC max 90cm, horses may be registered with BE but only hold 1 BE point and are not to have competed at BRC100 level or above in the same season

The 90 Pairs Challenge: Horses may hold a maximum of 20 BE points

The 100 Challenge: Show Jumps max 1m and XC 1m, horses may hold up to 20 BE points.

FOH Combined Training Qualifier

DateSunday 17th April

Venue: Rabson Manor

This competition involves teams of four riders.

Prelim / 75cm Section - Two team members ride BRC HT90Q (2013) and jump a round of show jumps at 75cm. 

Novice / 85cm Section - Two team members ride BRC HT100Q and jump a round of show jumps at 85cm.

Those riding prelim may not hold any BE or BD points or BS winnings, they can be registered with BE but not have been placed 1st-6th in a BE90 or completed a BE100 in the current or previous calendar year.

Those riding the Novice test may hold up to 124 BD points, 10 BE points and up to £225 BS winnings.

Team Manager: Pip Taylor pippychick@hotmail.com or 07971249418

Results: Team 2nd, individual 2nd Jude, Fiona 5th, Penny 3rd. Championship qualification :-)



Terms of Entry

As a club when we enter Area qualifier events there are two sets of entries. Pre-lim entries are payable direct to the BRC and then club entries are payable to who-ever is organising the competition.

As a member all the entry fees charged to you are subsidised by the club to help keep events affordable (generally by the club paying the pre-lim entry fees).

However once prelim entries are made we are liable for the whole cost of entry even if the competitor is unable to do so. Sadly for riding clubs vet and doctors certificates do not get any return of entry fees.

As a consequence the following terms of entry have been discussed and agreed by the VWH committee:

1. Once you commit to a team manager that you wish to enter a competition you must ensure your entry reaches the team manager (by cheque in the post) or the club account ( VWH Riding Club, Sort code: 30-92-06   Account number: 00028639) by the close of pre-lim entries (24 days prior to the competition). Only once payment is received will your entry be processed.

2. If the member cancels their entry outside of 24 days before the event, the member will receive a full refund.

3. If the member cancels their entry with between 7 and 24 days remaining and their place can be filled with another member they will receive a 50% refund of entry and the member taking their place will only be charged 50% of the full entry fee.

4. If the member cancels their entry within 7 days of the event no refund will be given and if another member is able to take their place at this late stage to complete a team they will not be charged by the club.

5. If a member cancels their entry within 24 days of the event and their place can not be filled they will receive no refund from the club.