Mounted Skills at Arms

 (Cavalry Games!) 



 Next Training Session:25th April 2016
 Next Competition:26 & 27th April 2016

Please contact Jenna Copley to book 077565 00011 

All about Mounted Skill at Arms

The VWH Riding Club has added something new for members to try with their horses that is suitable for all - especially for those who like to keep all four feet on the ground.

All you need is some reasonable hand - eye co-ordination whilst eventually cantering in a straight line.

Training progresses according to horse and rider, with safety in mind and FUN being the aim of the game.  

Horse: Any horse is suitable and the sensible family horse reigns supreme! You can hire if you are horseless and still compete. This is also ideal for the older horse, as is doesn't put stress on joints.

Rider: You need to be happy riding one handed and confident at canter.

TrainingInitially you start with a lance (long thick bambo stick first), as it's the safest one to try, initially all exercises (drills) are practiced at the walk and you progress to canter. The aim - to pluck a peg out of the ground as you canter past. At competition you are judged on speed, accuracy of your drill and style.

As exercises (drills) progress you then move on to catching small dangling rings on your lance. Again - starting in walk moving up to the canter. From lances you can then progress to Swords!! Sword work includes taking the peg as before, orange slicing and ring catching.

Here is a great video about the sport from another Riding Club -  Sussex Peggers
Remember you start slowly so not as daunting as it looks!